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Harvest Hop Varieties List


Brewer's Gold

Aroma: A complex bittering hop that is noted to have a sharp or pungent bittering quality. It also imparts a fruity yet spicy aroma as well as having a black currant characteristic. Brewers Gold can be used in a wide range of styles from English Ales to German Lagers and adds a decidely 'European' element to the beer.

Alpha Acid Range: 8 - 10%           

Beta Range: 3.5 - 4.5%


Aroma: Medium to intense floral aroma with a touch of grapefruit and citrus. Possible substitutes: are Centennial, Amarillo and Columbus.  Dual-Purpose Hop


Alpha Acid Range: 4.5 - 7%           

Beta Range: 4.5 - 7%



Aroma: A good dual-purpose hop, Cashmere showcases flavors lemon, lime and melon, exhibits a smooth bitterness and is mildly aromatic with a subtle herbal bouquet.


Alpha Acid Range: 7.7 - 9.1%           

Beta Range: 6.4 - 7.1%


Aroma: Medium with floral and citrus tones with grapefruit and pine resin aroma. Possible substitutes: are Chinook, Galena, Nugget, Zeus and Columbus. Dual-Purpose Hop


Alpha Acid Range: 9.5 - 11.5%      

Beta Range: 3.5 - 4.5% 


Aroma: Floral Characteristics with some citrus and a dash of spice. Possible substitutes: are Perle (US).  Dual-Purpose Hop


Alpha Acid Range: 6.5 - 8.5%      

Beta Range: 4 - 4.5%


Aroma: Moderately High , piney, spicy with some grapefruit tones. Possible substitutes: are Galena, Eroica, Nugget and Bullion. Dual-Purpose Hop, Beer Thirty


Alpha Acid Range: 12 - 14%            

Beta Range: 3 - 4%



Aroma:  Possible substitutes: are Zeus. Dual-Purpose Hop


Alpha Acid Range: 14.5 - 16.5%        

Beta Range: 4 - 5% 


Aroma: Pleasant spice and floral clean finishing tones, with very low buttering. Possible substitutes: are Liberty, Mount Hood, Halletau (GR) and Ultra. Aroma / Noble Hop


Alpha Acid Range: 3.5 - 5.5%        

Beta Range: 4.5 - 6.5%



Aroma: having a robust tropical and citrus aromas and flavors. This hop is a new proprietary super-aroma hop released in 2014 by Great Lakes Hops. 


Alpha Acid Range: 9.2 - 10.5%        

Beta Range: 3 - 3.47%

US Magnum

Aroma: With no real distinct aroma characteristics, Magnum is viewed favorably as a clean bittering hop for a wide range of Ales and Lagers. Having gained acceptance in craft beer brewing, Magnum often comprises the majority of the bittering qualities in numerous commercial pale ale’s and Imperial styles.


Alpha Acid Range: 12 - 14%        

Beta Range: 4.5 - 6%

Mi Heritage

One of Michigan’s Oldest growing hops! Propagated from a Centennial Family farm that was know for growing hops in Michigan as far back as 1894. This hop has characteristics of Asian and Eastern European 

Varieties. Large cones with a citrus aroma to match! 


Alpha Acid : 8.5 - 10.2%        

Beta : 4.2 - 5.4%

Michigan Copper 

Aroma: very fragrant floral and tropical fruit. This hop is a new proprietary super - aroma hop released in 2014 by Great Lakes Hops. 

Alpha Acid Range: 8.81 - 9.5%        

Beta Range: 2.45 - 2.55%


A high Alpha Hop developed by the U.S.D.A. breeding program. 


Alpha Acid Range: 13.5 - 17%             

Beta Range: 7.2 – 9.1%


Aroma: Strong green herbal notes with heavy spice. Possible substitutes are Galena and Newport. Dual-Purpose Hop


Alpha Acid Range: 11.5 - 14%             

Beta Range: 4.2 - 5.8%

Perle (US)

Aroma: Pleasant floral bouquet and slightly spicy, similar to noble types. Possible substitutes: are Perle (GR) and Northern Brewer (GR). Dual-Purpose Hop


Alpha Acid Range: 7 - 9.5%            

Beta Range: 4 -5%

Super Alpha

Is a Hop from New Zealand - Aroma: Contributes grassy notes it used as a late addition and is most commonly used as a bittering Hop. Possible substitutes: are Green Bullet. Dual-Purpose Hop


Alpha Acid Range: 10 -12%               

Beta Range: 7 - 8.5%


Released by Washington State University in 2013. This daughter of Glacier retains the very low cohumulone characteristic of Glacier with somewhat  higher alpha acid content. It has a pleasant aroma with subtle lemon citrus notes. 


Alpha Acid Range: 7.2 – 8.2%               

Beta Range: 8.5 – 9.5%


A Northern Brewer X Golding cross from Yugoslavia. Noble Golding hop tones more pronounced than Northern Brewer. With Aromas of woodiness tobacco and cedar underlying tones. Possible substitutes: are Northern Brewer and Goldings. Aroma / Noble Hop


Alpha Acid Range: 6 - 10%            

Beta Range: 3 - 6%

Wild Wolf

Is a Michigan proprietary hop being grown on the original farm where it was discovered. Early testing have indicating that it is has aroma characteristics are similar to varieties such as Herbrucker, Mount Hood, Nugget and Perle. This hop has similarities that are found in those varieties but are still unique because of its signs of fruity tones.

Alpha Acid Range: 6.5 - 8%             

Beta Range: 4.5 - 5.5%


Aroma: Mild and pleasant fruit, slightly spicy, woody and earthly. Possible substitutes: are Fuggle (US). Aroma / Noble Hop

Alpha Acid Range: 4 - 6%             

Beta Range: 3.5 - 4.5%


A super high alpha American Hybrid very similar to Columbus.  Aromas are pungent but still pleasant - tons of lupulin. Possible substitutes: are Columbus. Bittering / Alpha Hop


Alpha Acid Range: 12 - 16.5%        

Beta Range: 4 - 6%


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